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Pinoy Music Video: Staff Picks

Q-York - "Fallen" MUSIC VIDEO


Song Title: Fallen
Artist: Q-York
Album: Q-York City PROMO
Music Produced by: Flava Matikz for Q-York Edutainment
Lyrics by: Knowa Lazarus, Flava Matikz
Label: Q-York Edutainment / Homeworkz

Music Video By: The Darkroom PH
Director: Michael Angelo Loyola & Joel Angelo Santos
Asst. Director: Knowa Lazarus
Director of…

Sarah Geronimo, Gary Valenciano & Somedaydream - "Tuloy" music video


Tuloy is the biggest collaboration for 2012 featuring Sarah Geronimo, Gary Valenciano and Somedaydream : )

Vote for Somedaydream at this year's MYX Music Awards. He has 6 nominations. Show him some…

The West Fjords - "Adrift At Twilight" music video


Official music video for "Adrift At Twilight" from the West Fjords debut album, Telescope.

Music and lyrics written by Christian Marquez. The West Fjords are Christian Marquez [guitar], Lynsey Vandenberg [guitar/vocals], Micah Valdes [vocals/glockenspeil], Masaki Yamagata [beats/electronics] and Joel Bernardo…

Maldita - "Porque" music video TAGALOG


Finally, the video for the Chagalog (Chavacano-Tagalog) version of our song PORQUE is here.

"friends,we understand some of you may be confused as to why there is only 1 vocalist here in this vid whereas there used to be 2 of us.our friend francel chose to drop out of the band last year in order to finish her studies and while we initially felt sad about her leaving, we had…

Rubox - "5 Elements of Hip-Hop" live beatbox at LA 'Kollaboration'


This is a video of me at the Kollaboration Showcase at the Ford Ampitheatre in Los Angeles doing a beatbox showcase.

Ghost Fighter TV - High Quality (Tagalog Dubbed)


Eugine is a street-brawling delinquent with a tough guy approach to everything. Eugine's mother Atsuko, an alcoholic, had him at the age of 14 and took a backseat in raising her son. He has a reserved seat in the guidance counselor's office, and numerous other delinquents in the city are constantly trying to take him on. Eugine is pretty fed up with his life.

However, no one expects a sudden act of heroism on his part: he dies trying to save a little boy from a speeding car. When he arrives in the afterlife, he is informed that the child would have miraculously survived, and had it not been for him the child would have one less scratch on his right arm. His act of heroism, therefore, was "completely pointless". Eugine's premature death was unexpected and unnecessary, and the afterlife was not prepared for his arrival.

After numerous tests to gauge his worth, Eugine is eventually revived, and is assigned to work for the Spirit World as a detective investigating demon cases in the human world. He comes into spiritual abilities of his own, and enlists the help of numerous friends from Reikai (spirit world), Makai (demon world, translated in the English manga as the Demon Plane) and Ningenkai (Human World) to aid him in his cases as they fight off demons and humans seeking to rule over all three worlds.


Eugine - Eugine is the toughest kid in Sarayashiki Junior High School and has a typical tough guy approach to everything. He becomes a spirit detective after he dies and is revived by Jenny's kiss. His main attack is the Rei Gun (Spirit Gun in the English anime) where he can manipulate his Reiki (spiritual energy) and fire it into a projectile. He learns many techniques and abilities from Gerimajah. He mainly grows in strength from all of his different battles, because he responds to danger by unleashing his full strength.

Alfred - is the second toughest kid in the school, and resents Eugine for it. Originally rivals, Eugine and Alfred start a grudging friendship that only strengthens throughout the series. Although human, Alfred has high Reiki sensitivity; he is able to manifest a Rei Ken (Spirit Sword in the English dubbing); a type of Reiki that normally takes on the shape of a glowing sword. After the Dark Saga, Eugine is believed to be the strongest human alive.

Dennis - in his human form - Dennis is a demon with the ability to summon and control plants. He was originally the powerful and infamous yōkai, kitsune thief, Fox Dennis, until he was wounded by a hunter. Managing to escape by inhabiting the body of an unborn human baby, he grew up as the human child Shuichi, and planned on abandoning his "family" once his demonic power returned at the age of ten, but grew to love his human mother, Shiori Minamino. Dennis has a wide variety of techniques, because of his ability to control a wide variety of plants, including the often seen Rose Whip.

Vincent - born of a Korime (氷女 ,Kōrime?, lit. Ice Maiden) who specializes in the Jagan (邪眼術 ,lit. (Evil Eye) skills?), as well as swordsmanship, and can move at superhuman speeds. His half sister, Yukina, is unaware of their relationship, and Vincent has gone as far as to threaten harm to others to prevent Yukina from realizing that he is actually her brother.

Gerimajah - The aged Reiki fighter who rigorously trains Eugine in the Spirit Light Wave Fist (霊光波動拳 ,Reikō Hadō Ken?, Spirit Wave in the English anime). Though her manner is often gruff, she cares for Eugine and the others, and constantly tries to help them grow stronger. In the past, she was feared as one of the most powerful human fighters in both Ningenkai and Makai.

Ang Pagpanaw ni Eugine (Episode 1A)

Ang Pagpanaw ni Eugine (Episode 1B)

Ang Pagpanaw ni Eugine (Episode 1C)

Si Jerico, Isang Bagong Kaluluwa (Episode 2A)

Si Jerico, Isang Bagong Kaluluwa (Episode 2B)

Date Added: March 12, 2009
Ang Pangako Ni Alfred (Episode 3A)

Ang Pangako Ni Alfred (Episode 3B)

More episodes to come. stay tuned!

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